Welcome to our catalogue of certified mind-sound Technology™ teachers!

In our catalogue of Certified Mind-Sound Technology™ Teachers you can find where to find a quality teacher that are willing to guide individuals and small groups interested in learning the Mind-Sounds™ for their own personal benefit. 
    You have 3 ways to find the perfect teacher for you:

    Under our Catalogue Search, you can enter any search term, and the results will show up as a list with clickable links on a separate page.

    Using our Geographic Search page; you can identify a location in the world where you will find the Certified Mind-Sound Technology™ Teachers. Currently you will see a list of teachers from Europe and North America.

    When you go to the Language Section, you can find out if there are any teachers who are fluent in speaking your language. You will also find the respective presentations in your preferred language. Currently we have presentations in English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Spanish and Swedish.

Please know that the Catalogue is not a complete list of all teachers who are Certified Mind-Sound Technology™ Teachers. However, it is a compilation of those teachers who currently have offered or who are currently

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offering this teaching as a service to those individuals such as yourself and/or smaller groups. 

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In our online Catalogue search, you can enter any search term and the results will show up as a list on a separate page. You can also use the search function at the top left hand side on each page as well to perform a Catalogue search as well.

Not sure what to type into the search box? No problems. Here follows a couple of examples that might be helpful for you to find what it is that you are searching:
    Example 1: You want to know if there are any teachers in the state of Washington, USA, then you type in the word "Washington" in the search box and click "search". You will be presented a list of all results found on our website that includes the word "Washington".
    Example 2: You want to know who, of all the teachers in our Catalogue, speaks English. Then you type in the phrase "English speaking teacher" and click "search". Your search result will be presented in a list with links from which you can choose to click.

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By means of our Geographic Search you will be able to identify where in the world you can find the Certified Mind-Sound Technology™ Teachers. In our Catalogue we currently have certified teachers from:

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To find a list of Certified Mind-Sound Technology™ Teachers speaking your preferred language, please click on the respective language to read the presentations.
Currently we have presentations in the following language present in our online Catalogue:

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